Can Hearing Aids Be "Stylish"?

Can Hearing Aids Be “Stylish”?

Kevin Garnett, B.S. Hearing Aid Technology, Hearing Aids

Kevin Garnett, B.S.

For well over a decade hearing aids have been lugging around an outdated reputation as uncomfortable, highly visible devices. Yet, part of the reason they carry such an unflattering reputation is because, by contrast, modern low-profile hearing devices are hardly noticeable.

Most hearing aids today are practically invisible when worn, boasting sleek and discreet design that rests comfortably in and around the ear. However, the way in which hearing aids aren’t easily spotted means that people seldom update their mental image of the technology as noticeable and intrusive devices in the outer ear.

Now, some people are seeking to change that by making their hearing aids part of their personal “look”. With the rise of wearable technology, much of the stigma surrounding hearing aids is simply not present in younger generations. Instead of opting for hearing aid designs that hide themselves, a new trend has picked up where hearing aids become a canvas for personal expression. Hearing aid companies are also starting to take note, with stylish updates to their product design for those who don’t mind flaunting their hearing solutions.

Youth Trends

While hearing aids for adults have long operated by neutral and conservative design principles, pediatric hearing aids have often incorporated some visual flair to be more attractive to their younger users. Brands like Phonak pioneered kid-friendly customizable colors to accompany their hearing aids, from fire-engine reds to rich sea greens. These fun styles help normalize hearing aid use for children born with hearing issues.

Unfortunately, hearing loss among young people is a growing trend. Being raised in an increasingly noisy world, and with the proliferation of earbuds and headphones, listening at unhealthy volumes can become a bad habit early on, one that isn’t often caught until hearing damage has been done. Hearing loss statistics are now skewing younger, with significant hearing loss growing in 20-30-year olds.

Ironically, the very devices that enable hearing loss make young people more comfortable with wearing visible hearing aids, and desiring to make their hearing aids part of their personal style. Much in the same way designer headphones and cell phone accessories are being incorporated into personal style, young people are finding ways to personalize their hearing aids.

Customizing Hearing Aids

A growing trend in young hearing aid users is personalizing their hearing aids with decals and charms. Adding sticker decals to behind-the-ear devices offers a pop of color and pattern that can turn a hearing aid into a fashion statement. A cottage industry of custom designed and cut decals for hearing aids is also available online via platforms like Etsy and eBay.

Adding charms and accessories to hearing aids is a way many people choose to make their hearing device resemble a piece of jewelry. Charms can be added to behind-the-ear hearing aids or attached to in-the-ear devices to combine the functionality of a hearing aid with the style of ear jewelry. With an endless variety of designs and customizations, more and more hearing aid users are flaunting their devices rather than seeking to keep them concealed.

Style and Substance

Hearing aid brands are taking notice of this new approach to wearing hearing aids and incorporating bold design innovation into their new models. Leading the pack is Signia who unveiled their new Styletto behind-the-ear hearing aid model last year. Styletto is an adult twist on bold hearing aid fashion statements. While still offering a discreet profile, Styletto has a sleek and fashionable pendant shape and on-trend color options like rose gold.

Of course, when choosing a hearing aid, functionality needs to be front and center but perhaps the growing interest in style can push hearing aid design in directions where concealed devices are not the only priority. With the blurring of wearable tech and fashion, the future for innovative hearing aid styles looks bright.

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